International Voices on Childhood-onset Disabilities

The EACD-IAACD congress is a meeting including all professions around childhood-onset disabilities as well as the children and people with lived experience, caregivers and their stakeholders.

The congress president Rainer Blank has visited a number of countries world-wide onsite in order to hear the international voices on childhood-onset disabilities.

In more than 70 video clips (more than 150 summarized interviews), these voices will successively be presented at the website during the next 18 months.

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From science towards general awareness

To neuroscientists from Australia and Netherlands talk about basic issues concerning neurodevelopmental disorders, e.g. Developmental Coordination disorders DCD. According to Peter Wilson dividing into categories "ill-not ill" have to be left towards a dimensional thinking of weak and strong abilities.


Service providers for users and coaching for mothers in Australia

Annette Davis, manager of SCOPE, one of the largest organisation in Australia which provides therapy, training and housing of people with lived experiences talks about the social care system, the therapeutic and educational work and the issue and challenges of inclusion in Australia.


Facing severe disabilities from early on versus severe breakdown after normal childhood

Joan, mother of Nicholas, a 28yrs young man with complex disabilities, gives some insights about her experiences and finally how she developed an organisation of more than 1000 members, for parents and people with lived experiences similar to her son.


Medical and social care in “lucky” Australia

Christine Imms, Australia, talks about the Australian System and how it supports people with lived experiences and their caretakers. She analyzes strengths and challenges.


IAACD – vision and work

Christine Imms, President of the IAACD, summarizes the vision and work of the International Alliance of Academies of Childhood-onset Disability.


Gaela – Understanding, care and therapy for disability in New Zealand

Gaela Kilgour, physiotherapist, talks about the cultural, social and health care system in NZL and its strengths and challenges recently. She describes the educational system with respect to inclusion and special education and the training and work of therapists and other health professionals helping people with child disability.


Meg – Challenges from birth to puberty and Emma – Learning from her son and fighting for him

After normal birth, Meg’s daughter ⟮13 years⟯ had a stroke first undiagnosed during her first weeks of age. Meg, a paediatric nurse talks about the process of diagnosis, the support and the challenges at school and during teenager age.


Dan and Amy – From perception of handicap to gratefulness for abilities

Their child ⟮10 years⟯ has a severe physical handicap since birth; further she experienced deafness after birth. While the physical constraints persisted she has come to normal hearing making her able to speak.